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Review by Peter Moon

As a former Apollo crew member as well as working in the Personal Office of L. Ron Hubbard, I found this a very intriguing book and a delightful read. It fills in so many tidbits of situations and circumstances I knew of or heard about but did not necessarily have the full view on. The Apollo was a busy and bustling environment, and this book gives an overview of what life was like. Janis's view, however, was not a typical view of those who served aboard the ship. Hers’ was that of a young girl placed in a most sensitive and trusted position. Perhaps of greatest interest to other readers is that you get a first-hand account of what L. Ron Hubbard was really like. This book did not alter my own personal view of Hubbard who I consider to be a very misunderstood man. In fact, it was rather consistent with what I had observed from my own experiences. It is an objective account.

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