Review by Joe von Staden

I have been privileged to be given the opportunity to take a look at the manuscripts of Commodore’s Messenger Book I and II. No doubt ex Sea Org members who were around at the time covered by Janis in these books will have a different experience in reading them than those who have not experienced that period. My personal experience in reading the manuscript was an emotional roller-coaster rider – in the best possible way – most enjoyable. With each page, I was struck by the details Janis seemed to have at her finger tips. I couldn’t help but get drawn in by these details and feel the moment. I was reminded in no uncertain terms just how amazing and extraordinary this adventure was and how lucky I was to have shared it with some truly amazing people.

It is my view that these books by Janis provide a most honest and balanced perspective of L. Ron Hubbard and will serve as a reliable and grounding reference to understanding why Scientology, within and out of the church, is what it is today.

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