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Review by Chuck Beatty

Chuck Beatty Review June 2017

This book's content due to Janis' years up close to L. Ron Hubbard puts it permanently on any Hubbard/Scientology expert's reading list.

Commodore’s Messenger Book I and II give detailed coverage of her life leading up to and then personally serving L. Ron Hubbard as one of the original Commodore's Messengers who ran messages and saw L. Ron Hubbard's orders executed by staff.

Her parents were legendary successful 1950s and 1960s early Scientologists who ran a Scientology operation in Australia.

These books are the first detailed ex Hubbard/Commodore's Messenger story. (In later Scientology history, Hubbard wished his grown-up messengers to become Scientology top management executives who would be part of the top council system Hubbard extensively laid out which may be explained in a future book.)

Janis was one of the best original "watch messengers." She built up an impressive track record which in later years landed her in multiple Watchdog Committee member positions (one of the senior councils in top Scientology management).

I was a staff training classroom supervisor 1977-1983 and later I was on projects 1983-1986 and 1994-95 where I read the majority of Hubbard's administrative private writings.

Not even official Scientology could match Janis' book for L. Ron Hubbard history details of life around Hubbard in those years Janis served Hubbard. We'll see if official Scientology tries to nitpick Janis' Hubbard history details, but they won't win.

At this point in history, 2017, this is a more accurate Scientology history written outside of official Scientology, compared to the history the official members are allowed to read.

Janis' personality is a unique one. Even David Miscavige (current Scientology leader) was stymied at times with Janis’ boldness and her difference of policy administrative direction.

Chuck Beatty

ex Sea Org 1975-2003

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